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Our firm established in 1989, has  35 years experience in chemistry,

food industry and textile treatment and finishing  machines.


In all around Europe, we become representative of many firms which they produce all kind of textile machinery and their equipments.

We do this business in the best way. 

We have worked with most of big firms in Europe since 1989, we still are working with them, too.


We believe in that they trust us too much. Honesty is our primary principle. We still working in this way. 

We also import all kind of new or second-hand   textile machines ,all types of coumplete plants,Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing,Printing machinery etc.

As well as products related to textile industry.


Whoever need any kind of yarn, fibres and textile products, we export them from Turkey  And Europa Please inform us about all kind of textile  machines and textile

products you wish to import & export.