machine europa
Machine Europa
1 SUZUKI sample warping machine type NAS 131S year09/2004
working width 2600mm
completely computerised driven GPAO, rotation creel
with 8 weft accumulators.
Standard creel with 10 weft accumulators.
This machine only worked few hours in a textile school and is in condition like new
location Europa .

1.Working width:2500mm
2.Warping speed:0-1000m/minute
3.Range of yarn count:5-500tex
4.Warping length:7-420m(decided on the kinds of yarn)
5.Capacity of bobbin cradle: fixed cradle(8), swift cradle(8)
6.Applying oil(wax), automatic beam doffer
7.Time belt without interface is adopted.
8.Power of electric machinery:5.5kw°Ń2,3.5kw°Ń1,1kw°Ń1,0.37kw°Ń1
9.Machinery size:11000°Ń4600°Ń2800(length, width,height)mm
10.standard creel with 8 bibbins and tension droppers
11.rotation creel (option device )
12 with Complete Poched
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